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A message from the President

Animal production is undergoing a global revolution unparalleled in history. A convergence of forces including unprecedented growing demand for animal protein, consumer demands for high animal welfare standards, increased pressure for higher quality animal products, and, of course, all at the lowest possible prices, conspire to make animal production an exciting industry in 2016 and […]

Welcome to Taking Stock Australia

Taking Stock Australia is a monthly e-newsletter distributed by the Australian Society of Animal Production (ASAP). The newsletter is committed to providing the latest news, research, events and developments in all things animal production.

World first genetic parameters for methane traits in beef cattle

By Holly Webb and Chloe Mitchell, ASAS/ASAP communications interns For the first time ever, researchers in Australia have discovered that methane emissions from beef cattle are a heritable trait. The milestone research, published online in the Journal of Animal Science, offers the potential for using genetic selection to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cattle, without altering cattle performance.

Animal Production 2016 speaker profiles

Hugh Dove, Antonio de Vega, Richard Eckard, Kristen Brennan and Kathy Gatford are invited speakers at Animal Production 2016 to be held in Adelaide July 4-7, 2016.

Using glucocorticoids for assessing animal welfare

By Holly Webb, ASAS/ASAP communications intern Animal Production 2016 speaker highlight: Alan Tilbrook

Registration now open for Animal Production 2016

Registration is now open! We invite you to take advantage of the Animal Production 2016 early bird rate by April 8, 2016.

Topics wanted for WIANF 2017

The next World Conference on Innovative Animal Nutrition and Feeding is being planned for 2017, and WIANF is requesting suggestions for topics of special interest in the field of animal nutrition.

Genome-wide association study of footrot in Texel Sheep

By Chloe Mitchell, ASAS/ASAP communications intern Animal Production 2016 speaker highlight: Joanne Conington

ASAS Communications Internship

Holly Webb (USyd graduate) and Chloe Mitchell (UofA graduate) are currently working as interns at the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) head office in Champaign, IL. Please take a minute to read about their backgrounds and activities in the United States.