A message from the President

Animal production is undergoing a global revolution unparalleled in history.

A convergence of forces including unprecedented growing demand for animal protein, consumer demands for high animal welfare standards, increased pressure for higher quality animal products, and, of course, all at the lowest possible prices, conspire to make animal production an exciting industry in 2016 and beyond.

The Australian Society of Animal Production is the nation’s leader in addressing these issues and represents all sectors involved in meeting this challenge.

If we are to meet demands for affordable, high-quality animal protein produced in ways that are acceptable to a new generation of highly-informed consumers, it is vital that we apply the latest, leading-edge science to animal production systems.

However, the science must go hand-in hand with the consumer to ensure that we don’t just do ‘what-we-can’, but do what is best for the animals and in line with the public’s expectations.

The society is also very conscious that there is an urgent need to train young animal scientists to meet this growing and changing marketplace. To that end, we have formed an alliance with the American Society of Animal Science to demonstrate to young people that animal science is a global phenomenon with endless opportunities.

The American Society has enthusiastically embraced this vision and is offering opportunities for young Australian university students to travel to the United States for traineeships in science writing and communications.

We are now part of a global animal science fraternity including the US, Canada, New Zealand and Argentina and are expecting other countries to follow suit very soon.

The biennial conference of the Australian Society of Animal Production will be held in Adelaide from July 4-7, in partnership with the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, to address these important issues facing the future of global animal agriculture.

South Australia is the perfect place to convene this new era of high quality, ethical animal products, given the state’s reputation for Premium Quality Food and Wine production.

The conference will be unique in bringing together animal scientists, consumers, social scientists, educators, animal health and nutrition companies, and animal producers into one venue where cross-fertilisation of ideas can flourish.

We invite you to join us for this historic event.

Phil Hynd

President, Australian Society of Animal Production

For more conference information, visit the Animal Production 2016 conference website.

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