Animal Production 2016 speaker profiles

Hugh Dove, Antonio de Vega, Richard Eckard, Kristen Brennan and Kathy Gatford are invited speakers at Animal Production 2016 to be held in Adelaide July 4-7, 2016.

Hugh Dove

Dr Hugh Dove completed an agricultural science Hugh Dovedegree, a Diploma in Education and PhD at the University of Melbourne. Dr Dove is an Honorary Research Fellow with CSIRO Agriculture. He previously worked with CSIRO Plant Industry from 1975 until his retirement in 2011. His research focused on the nutrition of grazing animals, primarily cattle and sheep, mostly in relation to gathering data to relate animal performance to pasture conditions and obtaining data on the interaction between pasture and supplements. Dr Hugh Dove is the co-editor of the book ‘Sheep Nutrition’, contributed to the recent revisions of the ruminant feeding standards in the US and Australia and is the Joint Chief Editor of the journal Grass and Forage Science.

Antonio de Vegaantonio de vega

Dr Antonio de Vega completed his B Vet Med and
Ph.D. in ovine rumen kinetics at the University of Zaragoza, Spain, and is now a Head of Animal Production at the Zaragoza veterinary school. His main research area is ruminant production; in particular, methods for estimating intake, digestibility and diet composition in grazing animals, and the control of acidosis in beef cattle via feed manipulation.

Richard Eckard

Richard EckardRichard Eckard is the Director of the Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre, a joint initiative between the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries and the University of Melbourne, where he is a professor. Eckard’s research focuses on strategies for reducing the greenhouse gasses, enteric methane and nitrous oxide, from intensive grazing systems, and whole farm systems modelling of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in livestock production. He sits on science advisory panels for the Australian, New Zealand and UK governments and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation on climate change adaptation, mitigation and policy development in agriculture.

Kristen Brennan

Dr Kristen M. Brennan is a research project Kristen-Brennanmanager at Alltech’s Center for Animal Nutrigenomics and Applied Animal Nutrition in Nicholasville, Kentucky. Dr Brennan’s research group focuses on the project areas of animal nutrigenomics and equine nutrition. She received her bachelor degree in Animal Science and master’s degree in Animal Biotech from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Dr Brennan completed a PhD in Animal Sciences at Washington State University in 2008 and joined Alltech as a post-doctoral research fellow. Separate to her research interests, Dr Brennan is also serves as the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee chairperson at Alltech and is an adjunct assistant professor in the College of Agriculture at the University of Kentucky.

Kathy Gatford

Dr Kathy Gatford is a Senior Lecturer in the kathy gatfordSchool of Medicine at the University of Adelaide and is a research group leader at the Robinson Research Institute. Dr Gatford’s research is focused on understanding how the environment in early life programs subsequent function including metabolic homeostasis, and testing interventions to prevent these adverse effects of a poor pregnancy in pre-clinical models. Since 2007, Dr Gatford has been awarded over $2.3 million in research funding from organisations including NHMRC, Diabetes Australia Research Trust and the CRC for an Internationally Competitive Pork Industry. Dr Gatford coordinates the Honours program across the disciplines of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Paediatrics (students in Bachelor of Health Sciences Honours and Honours in the Bachelor of Medical Sciences). Dr Gatford is also the Program Coordinator for the Bachelor of Health Sciences (advanced), starting 2016.

See the conference program here.

For more conference information, visit the Animal Production 2016 conference website.


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