Welcome to Taking Stock Australia

Taking Stock Australia is a monthly e-newsletter distributed by the Australian Society of Animal Production (ASAP). The newsletter is committed to providing the latest news, research, events and developments in all things animal production.

ASAP is now part of a global animal science community, including the US, Canada, New Zealand and Argentina. ASAP has collaborated with the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) to demonstrate that animal science is a global industry with growing opportunities. Taking Stock Australia has been developed due to the success of Taking Stock, a newsletter that has been distributed to ASAS members since January 2011. Taking Stock Australia hopes follow the example of Taking Stock (ASAS) in continuing to provide the latest on upcoming events, research and news.

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The mission of ASAP is to promote the best interests of Australian livestock production research and development, enterprise management, and industries reliant on animals for food, fibre and recreation.

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