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A history of the Australian Society of Animal Production (ASAP)

By Holly Webb, ASAS/ASAP communications intern The Australian Society of Animal Production was formed to promote the development of animal science and to “serve the wider interests of the ever increasing numbers of workers in the diversified fields of animal husbandry”, said by Marvin Clarence Franklin in his Presidential Address at the First Biennial Conference […]

Physiological profiles to explain breed differences in lamb thermoregulation

By Holly Webb, ASAS/ASAP communications intern Animal Production 2016 speaker highlight: Kate Plush

Animal Production 2016 speaker profiles

Alan Tilbrook, Tina Widowski, John Black, Tad Sonstegard and Tim Doran are invited speakers at Animal Production 2016 to be held in Adelaide July 4-7, 2016.

New issues of APS and JAS available online

Recent issues of Animal Production Science and Journal of Animal Science are available online.

No difference in meat from rabbits fed GM soybean meal

By Chloe Mitchell, ASAS/ASAP communications intern A new study from researchers in Italy adds to a growing body of research that shows meat from animals fed genetically modified plant material is no different than meat from animals fed a conventional diet.

Membership renewal

ASAP invites you to renew your membership or join for the first time. Follow these steps to become a member.

Recap: ASAS communications internship

ASAS scientific communications interns have completed their internship after working for 10 weeks at the ASAS head office in Champaign, Illinois. Continue reading to learn more about their experiences.

ASAS Midwest Meeting: Animal Behaviour, Housing and Well-being summary

By Chloe Mitchell and Holly Webb, ASAS/ASAP communications interns The 2016 ASAS Midwest Meeting was held on 15 March 2016 in Des Moines, Iowa. The Animal Behaviour, Housing and Well-being Symposium was host to numerous presentations on the challenges, solutions and innovations for animal well-being.

GPS virtual fencing for livestock trial

By Chloe Mitchell, ASAS/ASAP communications intern Agersens, a Melbourne technology startup company, has developed a GPS collar and smart phone app system for beef and dairy cattle. This technology was initially developed over ten years ago by the CSIRO, and soon may be available commercially.

Conference keynote speaker in the news

Dr. Temple Grandin, keynote speaker at Animal Production 2016, held 4-7 July in Adelaide, is featured on collectible trading cards by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).