Recap: ASAS communications internship


Chloe and Holly attending the 2016 ASAS Midwest Meeting.

ASAS scientific communications interns have completed their internship after working for 10 weeks at the ASAS head office in Champaign, Illinois. Continue reading to learn more about their experiences.

The ASAS head office has provided a home base where we have developed the e-newsletter Taking Stock Australia (TSA). The establishment of TSA hopes to follow the example of Taking Stock (ASAS) in providing an effective communication stream to members about the events of the society and current news for all things animal science, on a domestic and international scale. The first issue of TSA was distributed in March 2016 and has been well received. Look out for further issues to be released in upcoming months!

In addition to the development of TSA, we have assisted and observed ASAS in everyday roles. A highlight was attending the Midwest meeting in Iowa to summarise symposia for Taking Stock and help upload electronic presentations. Aside from assisting with ASAS communications we were also introduced to and worked with animal scientists from across the United States. We judged undergraduate oral competitions at the ASAS Midwest meeting and met with professors from many U.S. universities.

Travelling to North Dakota, Iowa, Indiana and Oklahoma has given us a perspective of animal science in the U.S. and also an introduction to the undergraduate and postgraduate study opportunities across the Midwest. In our free time we were also fortunate enough to be able to travel to Denver, St. Louis, and Chicago. We would like to thank all our hosts at North Dakota State University, Purdue University and Oklahoma State University who were kind enough to give us their time and introduce us to their animal and agricultural programs.

Thank you to the ASAS staff, our mentors, travel companions and hosts, for generously organising our trip in collaboration with ASAP. The travel and opportunities in scientific communications have allowed us to return to Australia with new skills and an international perspective of animal science.

Holly Webb and Chloe Mitchell
2016 ASAS/ASAP communications interns

Future internship opportunities will be available for students through the Australian Society of Animal Production. Look out for internship applications advertised in 2016!

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