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Australian beef in Indonesia

February 2017, Ashlee McEvoy, ASAP/ASAS 2017 Communications Intern In April 2016, Indonesian cattle importers were struggling with Australia’s record-high live export prices. Over an 18-month period, prices rose from $2.50 per kilogram to $3.90 per kilogram, and importers still had to pay over $4 per kilogram for delivery. At the time, the wet market in […]

Possible legal meat consumption changes in South Australia

Ashlee McEvoy ASAP/ASAS Intern At the end of 2016, the State Government opened up a consultation on revising the Food Standard Code definition of game meat in South Australia; a proposal that has been condemned by animal groups. Currently the animals that fall under the game meat definition include goat, rabbit, hare, kangaroo, wallaby and […]

Talking to children about meat production

By Holly Webb, ASAS/ASAP communications intern Animal Production 2016 speaker highlight: Heather Bray Meat consumption preferences are usually established in early childhood, with children at some point learning the origins of the meat they consume. However, little is known about how animal production is discussed within Australian households or how children learn where their meat […]