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Meat Standards Australia

Ashlee McEvoy ASAS/ASAP 2017 Communications Intern 24th March 2017. The Australian red meat industry developed Meat Standards Australia (MSA), and opened up to the beef industry in 1998. This purpose of this program became ensuring that any beef product is to reach consumer expectations. The MSA index that is used to measure these consumer expectations […]

Monte Carlo simulation: Impact of pathway interventions on pork quality parameters

By Chloe Mitchell, ASAS/ASAP communications intern A paper recently published in Meat Science has outlined a method of estimating the impact of various animal and carcass treatments on pork eating quality, using analyses known as Monte Carlo simulations.

U.S. differentiates lamb flavour

By Holly Webb, ASAS/ASAP communications intern A ‘Growth, Development, Meat Biology and Meat Science Symposium’, was recently hosted by the American Society of Animal Science at its 2016 Midwest Meeting in Des Moines, Iowa.

No difference in meat from rabbits fed GM soybean meal

By Chloe Mitchell, ASAS/ASAP communications intern A new study from researchers in Italy adds to a growing body of research that shows meat from animals fed genetically modified plant material is no different than meat from animals fed a conventional diet.